Reflections and Photos from the November Workshop

Thanks to Martha Loving and all these wonderful participants pictured below for all the exciting painting and fellowship in our December 12th workshop. We will have many memories to reflect upon.

The amazing group — Photo by Martha Loving Orgain

Personally, for me this is a time for thanks, giving, sharing, believing, and hoping for an incredible New Year leading to better seasons. I hope new windows open for all of us, promising fresh new “eyes” for seeing the light, experiencing the darkness, and manifesting all our colors in our rainbows that surround us. – Helen Chamberlain

Celebrating Deanna’s Birthday — Photo by Kendal Hasty
Students working on their projects — Photo by Tony Amezquita

The colors used for our veil paintings in this workshop were orange and turquoise, which reflects the fall landscape.

The Final Lineup — Photo by Martha Loving Orgain

Photo Gallery

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